Why Become a BusiNeighbor?

Your BusiNeighbor purchasing dollar represents an optimal instrument of change. Uplifting those in need of emergency relief and instantly aid the sick, homeless, hungry and those unable to help themselves. You can change their tomorrow right now by purchasing from the BusiNeighbor.org market place. Being a BusiNeighbor nourishes your spirit as eating food nourishes your body. It is a wonderful opportunity to immediately give joy, strengthen self- respect and personal integrity for your neighbor.

What is BusiNeighbor’s Philosophy?

BusiNeighbor.org’s motto is to sow the economic seeds of help today, for tomorrow’s growth. Visit the BusiNeighbor.org Market Place and become a BusiNeighbor philanthropy partner today, and simultaneously solve your business and office needs. BusiNeighbors’ execute philanthropic efforts of volunteers, entrepreneurs, and business owners through the use of social media, technology, and marketing, in an effort to raise money and awareness to help people in need.

List Your Business with BusiNeighbor!

Meet other outstanding BusiNeighbors within your community who believe in philanthropy and are making a positive difference in people lives!  The commitment of BusiNeighbor.org is to strengthen relationships, nurture a sense of community and encourage people to be concerned about one another. If you are a business owner who cares about your neighbors then list your business and let us recognize you!

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur who cares about your neighbor?

Welcome BusiNeighbor!

BusiNeighbors are an essential part of every community. Serving people today for a better tomorrow!  Lifelines for the poor are disappearing. BusiNeighbor.org seeks to be a lifeline for people in need.

  • Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur who cares about your neighbor?
  • Could you purchase your tax-deductible office supplies or office equipment from major chains?

If your answer is yes to the above two questions, then you qualify as a BusiNeighbor.  BusiNeighbor.org offers a unique philanthropic strategy to help solve real problems for real people, while simultaneously providing a solution for your business and office needs.



I had no food and I contacted BusiNeighbor.org and they came to my rescue. It is so hard out here now until I can not afford food. Thanks to BusiNeighbor.org. I am so Thankful to BusiNeighbor. I know God sent you.–Sharon Y Wiliams

Being a first generation entrepreneur in business here in Atlanta is challenging, at best, but it makes a life changing difference when you have such a wonderful resource like BusiNeighbor at your fingertips! From finding mentors and researching creative ways to fund my growth ventures, to learning time saving tips to help my busines grow, BusiNeighbor has quickly become an intricate part of my daily to-do! Thank you, BusiNeighbor, for being my "one-stop business & personal growth shop!" –Chef ShaVonne McCants

There have been a lot of memorable moments with BusiNeighbors. BusiNeighbors has helped a lot of people in the community whether it is a family down on their luck or local businesses aiming to reach customers. I have a lot of memorable moments that has touched my heart and made me a better person. In 2007 and 2008 I had the opportunity to help disadvantage children from the ages of 4-17 years old. This event was called The Arts Experience. I can honestly say this event has changed me for the better and this is the first volunteer activity that BusiNeighbor hosted. I had one mother five years later tell me that I and BusiNeighbor impacted her son for the better. The second event that has changed me in an uplifting way is feeding the homeless. Every year BusiNeighbor feed the homeless. There are other events that have impacted me as person such as Light the Night, participating in the March of Dimes, etc.–Nia Scott